Lithographs: 2011 – to date







Home 1’ (inspired by the Syrian conflict) connects to my childhood memories of London WW2 bombsites.

Home 2 – Regeneration’ The background, drawn on stone, is taken from a composite of bombed London buildings. The family survives and in time, thrives.

These prints were made for A New Home” at the Arts Pavilion, and Generations, both in Mile End, London, and organised by Artcatcher.

They were made in collaboration with Celeste Boulanger, aged 7.


Individual Prints



This series of prints follows the earlier life of Rhiannon, a heroine of the Mabinogi; the title given to a collection of eleven Welsh oral tales, written down in the medieval era.



A young woman playfully faces a challenge that can be seen as patriarchal male energy, or the erotic force.