Soundtrack title ‘Soul Power’ by kind permission of Kokolo.


2016 Southern Graphic Council Conference International, Oregon, USA
2015 Prints and Animations Solo Exhibition at The Mid-Wales Arts Centre
2013 The Image Arts Festival at The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture, Wales
2013 Printmaking & Animation at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton
2013 School of Art, Aberystwyth
2012 National Eisteddfod – Print Place
2012 Southern Graphic Council Conference, New Orleans, USA
2011 Hong Kong Graphic Fiesta, Sha Tin Town Hall, Hong Kong
2011 Mid Wales Arts Centre
2011 Openprint at Oriel Wrecsam, Wales (Special Mention)
2010 YouTube
2010 School of Art – MA Show



Soundtrack ‘I’ve Found A New Baby’ by Lionel Hampton.

This is work-in-progress.


2015 Prints and Animations – solo show at Mid-Wales Arts Centre.